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17th Nov 2007

The inspiration of Asian cultures eons ago, the urbanization of a contemporary cosmopolitan, an artistic balance of old and new gave birth to the concept of MADE2LOVE, a collaboration between a high fashion fabric purveyor and a popular local designer brings about this new fashion revolution.

As the fashion scene in Kuala Lumpur gets raunchier and Malaysians are getting more affluent and aware about fads & styles around the world, this is the new high-end fusion, fahion cum lifestyle apparels that would attract even the highest of royalty.

KLites can now experience the eclectic designs at their doorstep with MADE2LOVE, an effort to fuse together fashion, fabrics & finesse.

A fashionista's dream come true !


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      Mifa - Malaysian International Fashion Awards



Though some Malaysians have made waves overseas, the local fashion industry has still a fairly long way to go before we can proudly claim to be the hub of couture in the region.
In fact, Ajay Ubrani, managing director of the Maya Group,belives that, "we are still at a preliminary stge compared to that in other Asian countries."
"Some might say that we're getting there, but seriously, how many of our Malaysian designers are household names within the country?" he asked.
Ajay belives that our progress is hindered by the perception that Asians can never be as good as their foreign counterparts. "Notice how many foreign fashion brands and labels have mushroomed in the city?"
When compared to the number of local lael we realise how far we need to catch up. Despite this, Ajay belives that there are enough talents here to help turn the country into a fashion hot spot.
And the number of fashion awards events held recently could only encourage designers to not only improve themselves but also work together and raise the standard of the fashion industry.
Ajay added that if designers and everyone in the trade such as manufacturers band together to create a strong base, we could be a force to contend with.




 We also need to tackle related problems in achieving success in the fickle world of fashion.
Could one obstacle be the limited supply of fabrics? This seemed a common grouse among designers here.
Ajay admitted that it used to be the one complaint but our supply of fabrics is increasing tremendously due to the fact that consumers are becoming more fashion concious.
"But our supply cannot compare to that of other markets. Our market is minuscule compared to that of other countries."
However, according to Ajay, the limitations, if any, could also be caused by the tax on textile. Hence, the price of fabrics sold here in Malaysia have gone up.
It would be heartening if the Government could do something about this so that fabrics can be more competitively priced.The private sector has just an important role to play in elevating the local fashion industry.
Just as the Malaysian-International Fashion Awards (MIFA) and its principal sponsor, Mercedes-Benz, are passionate in the discovery of new talents in the industry with its upcoming event from Dec 8-13, Maya Group through its company, Maya, The Fabric Gallery, is also keen in helping to promote local fashion.


In Ajay's opinion, MIFA is likely to bring a new thrill to the fashion world as it involves not only the designers but those related to the industry as well. And Maya, The Fabric Gallery, is mostly definitely playing its part.
So far, Maya has provided RM500 worth of silk to eachof the 12 MIFA Category B finalists at "MIFA's Rising Stars" event held last month at Berjaya Times Square.
Maya has also endorsed the 'Best Bridal Wear Designer' Award and will be providing a RM5000 cash prize for the winner. It has even offered to organise a mini fashion show for the lucky designer.
And till the MIFA Gala, which is the awards ceremony to be held on Dec 12 at Palace of the Golden Horses, Maya, The Fabric Gallery will be providing a 50 per cent discount to all finalists when they purchase fabrics from the store to be used for MIFA.
For the event, Mercedes-Benz will, for the first time in this country, select three winners to represent Malaysia in the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Week Awards 2004 in Singapore.

MIFA - 8 November 2003

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